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Insulated Vs. Non-Insulated Garage Doors

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Insulated Vs. Non-Insulated Garage Doors

Hey there, homeowners! At DoorTek Garage Door Service, we’ve been keeping your garages functioning smoothly for years. We’re experts in garage door installation, from helping you choose the perfect door for your needs to ensure a flawless installation process. We don’t stop there, though! Our technicians are highly skilled in garage door repairs and garage door maintenance, keeping your system operating like new for years to come.

One question we get a lot is about insulation: should you go with an insulated garage door or keep your current non-insulated one? It’s a great question, and the answer depends on how you use your garage. Let’s break down the pros and cons of each type of door to help you decide.

The Chilling Truth About Uninsulated Garage Doors

Uninsulated garage doors, typically made of steel or aluminum, are the more budget-friendly option upfront. However, they act like giant conductors, readily transferring outside temperatures right into your garage. Living in a hot climate? Get ready for a scorching garage in the summer. Freezing winters? Bundle up before venturing out there! This extreme temperature fluctuation isn’t great for your car, either. Rapid temperature changes can stress your vehicle’s battery and tire pressure, potentially leading to more frequent replacements.

Uninsulated doors also offer little to no soundproofing. If your garage shares a wall with your house, you might hear every rumble of the garbage truck or the enthusiastic shouts of neighborhood kids playing outside.

Why Insulated Garage Doors Tend to Rule

Insulated garage doors, on the other hand, are built with a layer of insulation – typically polystyrene or polyurethane foam – sandwiched between the door’s exterior panels. This creates a significant barrier against outside temperatures, keeping your garage much more comfortable year-round. This is especially beneficial if you use your garage as a workshop or hobby space. No more wrestling with stiff fingers in the winter or battling the summer heat while tinkering on your latest project.

The insulation also provides a quieter environment. This is a major plus if your garage is attached to your house or shares a wall with a bedroom. Insulated garage doors tend to be sturdier than their non-insulated counterparts, offering better resistance to dents and dings. Plus, the insulation value can even help regulate the temperature in your house, potentially lowering your heating and cooling bills.

So, Which Garage Door is Right for You?

Choosing between an insulated garage door and an uninsulated one depends on how you use your garage and the climate you live in. Here’s a more detailed breakdown to help you pick the right garage door for your home:

  • Climate: If you live in a region with scorching summers and frigid winters, an insulated garage door is a no-brainer. Garage door insulation will create a more stable temperature in your garage, making it a more usable space year-round. This is especially important if your garage doubles as a workshop or a home gym.
  • Garage Usage: Do you use your garage for more than just parking your car? If you tinker on projects, use your garage for storage, or have a designated workshop space, an insulated door can significantly improve your comfort. Imagine working on a woodworking project in a sweltering summer or a freezing winter – not exactly ideal! An insulated door will make your garage a much more enjoyable and functional space.
  • Attached Garage: If your garage shares a wall with your house, especially a bedroom, an insulated garage door is a wise investment. Uninsulated doors offer little to no soundproofing, and all that racket from the garage – the rumble of the lawnmower, the ping pong game with the grandkids – can easily seep into your living space. Insulated doors act as a sound barrier, keeping your house nice and quiet.
  • Detached Garage: Uninsulated doors can be a more budget-friendly option for detached garages, especially if you rarely use the space. However, even detached garages can benefit from insulation. If you value a more temperate environment when working on projects in your detached garage, or if you store tools or other items that might be sensitive to extreme temperatures, then an insulated door might be worth the investment.

Get Your New Garage Doors Installed With Ease At DoorTek

Whether you choose an uninsulated garage door or an insulated garage door, we can handle the installation with the utmost proficiency. Once we’ve helped you find the perfect garage door for your needs and budget, we begin breaking down your existing setup without damaging your surrounding property. After that, we carefully install your new garage door, guaranteeing that it is properly aligned, functions properly, and provides the security and convenience you crave.

Keep Your Insulated or Non-Insulated Garage Door Going Strong

Even the most masterfully installed garage door faces challenges of everyday wear and tear as well as weather conditions. To preserve your garage doors, we offer routine garage door maintenance and reliable repairs. By allowing us to catch trouble at the start, you prevent minor malfunctions from turning into complete disasters.

Need Help Picking a Garage Door? Call Now for Further Guidance!

Choosing between insulated and non-insulated garage doors depends on various factors, including climate, usage, and budget. While insulated garage doors offer energy efficiency, noise reduction, and durability, non-insulated doors provide a cost-effective and lightweight alternative. At DoorTek Garage Door Service, we’re here to guide you through the decision-making process so you get the best option for your family. Contact us today to get started on your next garage door project!

  • Avatar Christopher Judd ★★★★★ a month ago
    The guys came out after one of our doors decided to need some attention that was beyond my scope. They are always prompt, friendly, and super awesome at what they do. We have enjoyed every experience with DoorTek, from the initial meeting … More on doors, to the install, to the regular maintenance, and the quick responses to any questions we have.
  • Avatar Lauren Walker ★★★★★ a month ago
    I recently had an issue with my garage doors and contacted GarageTek for assistance. Jake quickly assessed the problem and fixed it efficiently. Jordan and Jake were super helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process and made … More this one of the easiest things to cross off of my To-Do list. I am extremely satisfied with their service and would 100% recommend them to anyone.
  • Avatar Flash Gordon ★★★★★ a month ago
    From the start everything was explained and easy. They came (on time) to give me an estimate. Explained everything and showed me choices. It was quick and they explained the time it would take to receive the doors and after they had … More received the doors they would set a day to come and put them in. When they had a date on the doors they called and set up the date to install. They came and put up my two doors in one day. The new doors are quieter and better insulated and much safer than my old ones. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Avatar Regina Johnson ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I recently had a garage door installed and was thoroughly impressed with the service provided. From the service I received of picking the design of the door to the installation team, everything was top -notch. The team was professional, … More knowledgeable, and very strategic in their installation approach. They even went above and beyond by syncing my vehicle with the door opener, making it significantly more convenient for me to use the garage door. Based on my experience, I would definitely use their services again.
    Thank you.
  • Avatar R Trost ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Excellent service! I appreciated their analytical approach to repairing my garage door. Through their analysis, they found and corrected a hidden problem with a bearing that with certainty would have been a future problem.

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